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Asian Universities Alliance Academic Conference


18:00 (UTC+8),

30 August 2019


15 September 2019


23-24 November, 2019

Asian Universities Alliance Call For Papers

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Asian Universities Alliance Conference Program is an international highlevel academic exchange opportunity, which aims to provide a platform for scholars from AUA member universities to share their research achievements.
In 2019, Asian Universities Alliance Conference will be hosted at Peking University, Beijing, China in November, themed Communication of Mass Culture between China and Other Asian Countries in 21st Century. The general chair will be Professor Wu Jiewei from Peking University’s School of Foreign Languages. We sincerely invite scholar in relevant fields from AUA member universities to submit their papers, which will be reviewed for selection.

I. Theme
Communication of Mass Culture between China and Other Asian Countries in 21st Century
The conference will focus on the communication of mass culture between China and other Asian countries in 21 century. We will invite the scholars from the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Idian, Kazakstan and some other countries to participate the conference, which include the AUA members and non-AUA members. This conference will take the contents of modern culture (such as popular culture), the transmission of globalization (such as the network and social media), cultural characteristics (such as entertainment) as a starting point, with practical touch of Asian society and attitude to discuss the real cultural landscape of Asian society, in order to observe the possibility to extend the influence of Chinese culture in this region. This conference try to takes the history and culture of the traditional maritime Silk Road as a link to analyze the ways of dissemination of Chinese culture in Asia.

II. Time and Venue
Time: 23-24 November, 2019
Venue: Peking University, Beijing, China

III. Eligibility
1. Faculties and researchers from AUA member universities.
2. Research abstract and full-text paper (6~10 pages) that conforms to the topic. Published or unpublished papers are both welcomed.
3. Author must own complete intellectual property rights of the research, without plagiarism or other academic fraudulence.
4. Paper submissions must be written in English. Please note all the oral presentations and poster displays will be conducted in English.
IV. Submission
Please submit the following materials through the Please submit the following materials through the website: http://aua2019.forum.sflpku.cn/ 
1. Abstract
2. Full text of the paper (6 ~ 10 pages) edited with Word or Latex. Submitted papers should be converted to a PDF file with prescribed format.

V. Deadline
Abstract and Full Text submission deadline: 18:00 (UTC+8), 30 August 2019

VI. Subscription
Organizing Committee will distribute information to participants through email. 

VII. Review
The conference intends to feature approximately 25 papers. Applicants will be informed of the review result by 15 September 2019.

VIII. Financial Support
Authors of selected papers will be provided with:
1. Round-trip air ticket (Economy class) at no more than 1000 USD. (Please note that organizing committee will be responsible for purchasing the ticket. For air tickets exceeding 1000 USD, a maximum travel subsidy of 1000 USD will be granted.) Participants are advised to inform the Organizing Committee of the flight information they need and purchase tickets by the organizing committee so as to avoid inconvenience caused by foreign exchange.
2. Accommodation for up-to-three nights from 22 to 24 November,
3. Meals during the forum
4. Airport transfer on arrival and departure
Other personal expenses will be borne by the participants themselves.

IX. Contact
1. Email: oriental@pku.edu.cn
2. Tel: +86 10 62765006 (Ms. Zhang)

Research Center of Eastern Literature,
Peking University

30 May 2019


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